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KRAH Bahrain Co. W.L.L. manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of “Profile Walled” HDPE Pipe, Fittings, Manholes and Tanks. This “Flexible” pipe manufacturing technology is designed to compete against other piping systems, such as Concrete (Rigid) and Glass Reinforced Plastics (Semi Rigid). Varying profile designs allow for greater applications and strength.

The technology offers many advantages over existing materials such as:
• Highest Chemical Resistance = Longer Life
•  Highest Abrasion Resistance = Longer Life
•  Lowest Material Weights = Less Costs
•  High Output Rates = Shorter Leed Times
•  Lower Installed Costs

The company employs the technology of Krah AG, a symbol of German efficiency with over 35 years of experience in the design, development and construction of production equipment for large diameter pipe and fittings The business unit is being promoted by Haji Hassan Group W.L.L. Bahrain, FPS International General Trading & Construction W.L.L., Kuwait and technical support from Krah AG, in Germany.

Specific Applications Include:
•  Stormwater and Drainage Systems – Pipes, Fittings and Manholes
•  Sewer Systems – Pipes Fittings and Manholes
•  Above / Below Ground Holding Tanks
•  Ocean Outfall / Intake Lines
•  Liners

Pipe and Fittings Sizes: 300mm – 4000mmm

Jointing Methods:
•  Rubber Gasket
•  Electro Fusion
•  Extrusion Welding
•  Flanged
•  Butt Fusion
•  V Seam Extrusion Welding

+973 17 879 400
+973 17 917 779
P.O.Box 32671, Isa Town - Kingdom of Bahrain.