Haji Hassan Readymix


Founded in 1977, Haji Hassan Readymix (HHR) is Bahrain’s pioneer supplier of factory-produced concrete. It is the only Readymix concrete supplier in Bahrain to have been continuously approved by the government authorities since the introduction of their accreditation scheme.

HHR’s quality certification guarantees compliance with ISO 9000:2015, British, European & American Standards, building a reputation for quality and service. Wherever quality and reliability are critical, HHR is the preferred choice. Whether it’s a super-flat surface for the Drag Strip at Bahrain International Circuit or a heavyweight concrete for X-Ray shielding, HHR boasts of an unequalled portfolio of projects. Other recent examples include North Manama Causeway (145,000 m3), Bahrain International Airport Runways & Aprons (500,000 m3), Sitra Causeway (250,000 m3), Four Seasons Hotel (96,000 m3) and Bahrain City Centre & Access Bridge (220,000 m3).


Non-Calcareous Concrete
for exposure to temperatures
(circa 900°C) where limestone
converts from Calcium Carbonate to
Calcium Oxide (Lime) and CO2.
Pumpable designs available

Low Heat Heavyweight
non-metallic mix designs (2600kg/m3 –
2900kg/m3) to ACI 349 for absorbing
nuclear radiation
(eg linear accelerators).
Pumpable designs available

mix designs (2900kg/m3 – 3200kg/m3) for
absorbing X-Ray Neutron Radiation from
medical or industrial
diagnostic equipment.
Pumpable designs available

Controlled Low Strength
Materials 0.5N/mm2 – 8N/mm2 in
accordance with ACI 229. Suitable for
backfill where full compaction is needed
and when re-excavation.
Pumpable designs available

Structural Lightweight Concretes using aggregate to ASTM C330/BS EN 13055 and Lightweight Foamed Concretes for Acoustic and Thermal requirements. Pumpable designs available.

High conductivity-Low Strength Fluidised Thermal Backfill for HV Cable Protection. Pumpable designs available

Mastering the use of non-standard aggregates and admixtures for high-tech applications makes design and supply of concrete for other purposes relatively simple. Project data and designs are available for almost every situation including the following.
  • Grout
  • Screeds
  • PQ
  • Self-Compacting
  • Nuclear Radiation Shielding
  • DoT Lean Mix
  • Mass Concrete/ Low Heat
  • Ready-to-Use Mortar
  • Soft Pile
  • Cyclopean
  • Diaphragm Walling
  • Triple Blended Cements
  • Underwater
  • PQ
  • High Early Strength
  • Re-cycled Aggregate
  • Shotcrete
  • Fluidised Thermal Backfill
  • Heavyweight concrete (3,200kg/m3)
  • Lightweight Structural (LECA/Lytag)
  • Airfield Paving
  • X-Ray Shielding
  • Pipe Fill
  • Foamed Concrete
  • Ready-to-Use Plaster
  • Pigmented
  • Pattern-Imprinted
  • Gunite/Shotcrete
  • High Strength (C80+)
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Slip-Form
  • Secant Piling
  • Controlled Low Strength Material
  • Lightweight (1000kg/m3-2000kg/m3)
  • No-Fines


  • North Manama Causeway
  • Sheikh Hamad Causeway
  • Sheikh Khalifa Causeway
  • Sitra Causeway
  • Zallaq Flyover
  • Hamad town flyover
  • Abraj Al Lulu Flyover
  • Seef Flyover
  • Budaiya Road Flyover
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel
  • Gulf Hotel
  • Holiday InnBahrain City Centre
  • Seef Mall Phase I, II and III
  • Bahrain City Centre Interchange
  • National Assembly Building – National Theatre
  • Sheikh Isa Library
  • Grand Mosque
  • Riffa International School
  • Villamar
  • US Navy Base Development
  • Sh. Isa Airbase (Hanga Defences)


Bahrain Rubber Company (BRC), established in 1993 with a mission to serve the regional oil, gas, and steel construction sectors. BRC is the first rubber factory in the Kingdom that holds one of the leading continuous Vulcanizing production lines in the GCC region. BRC is engaged in the manufacture of industrial rubber and polyurethane products. BRC is an ISO 9001:2008 compliant company adheres to the international standards; BS, DIN & ASTM. It’s an approved vendor with the Ministry of Works, Electricity and Water Authority, Alba, GPIC, GIIC GARMCO & HPC, in addition to major oil companies like Saudi ARAMCO, SABIC, BAPCO & Shlumberger.

BRC was honored with the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in 1998, for its specialization in the supply of rubber products to a host of manufacturing and industrial businesses throughout the Middle East.