Road improvement of Avenue 47-Arad

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Road improvement of Avenue 47-Arad

Project Description:

The work comprised the construction of approximately 2100m of three lanes dual carriageway of Avenue 47 in Arad Block 244 and construction and improvement of 2km of avenue 46 and service roads. The work includes Earthworks, stone revetments, drainage, pumping station , road works and street lighting.

Client: Shade Corporation, Saudi Arabia

Contract Value: BD 6.4 M

Duration: 12 Months (2020-2021)

The project “Road improvement of Avenue 47-Arad” was commenced on 06-03-2020 and completed on 06-11-2021 for the client Ministry of Work, municipalities affairs and urban planning, and Shade Corporation. The project was inaugurated by His Excellency the Minister of Works, Municipal Affairs and urban planning, Engineer Essam bin Abdullah Khalaf

The project consists of the construction of three lane dual carriage way, service roads, Bus bays, Parking’s, and footpaths between Hatim Al taie and avenue 28 by demolishing the existing two-way road. The project also includes reclamation, rock revetment works, 4.5 km drainage network with one drainage lift station, outfall, three signalized intersections, road Safety barriers, street lighting, EDD and telecom networks and landscaping

We have used around 100,000-man hours without single LTA with an average 130 manpower every day. The project was commenced during the pandemic even though we achieved the milestones by proper planning, Monitoring and control of Procurement, Resources, Productivity, understanding the risks and finding the solutions to overcome that, Supporting, communicating, encouraging, and motivating the team, allocating the resources with proper safety and health measures