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Concrete pump operator

Vacancy : Concrete Pump Operator
Vacancy Reference : 14026
Gender : Male
Job Type : Full Time
Years of Working Experience : 2 years
Salary Range : Negotiable
Education Level : NA

Role Description

·         Perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections to ensure that concrete pumps are according to the company regulations (checking brakes and fluid levels etc.)

·         Fill water tanks before each project and ensure that all valves are properly secured and shut

·         Drive concrete pump trucks to and from each project site in a punctual and responsible manner

·         Evaluate site conditions and work with contractors or supervisors to park / set up the truck properly

·         Operate boom and concrete pump to place concrete in desired locations, placing special focus on provided instructions

·         Load and unload concrete pump attachments and ensure that all associated tools are used in a safe manner

·         Clean concrete pumps at the end of the day to ensure that they remain in good working condition, and to minimize breakdowns and downtimes

·         Ascertain that all safety and precautionary measures are put into place before, during and after each project

·         Coordinate efforts with supervisors or contractors to ensure that owed payments are managed as soon as the work is finished