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Sales Engineer (Admixture)

Vacancy : Sales Engineer
Vacancy Reference : 14018
Gender : Male
Job Type : Full Time
Years of Working Experience : 5 years
Salary Range : Negotiable
Education Level : Bsc. Chemical Engg

Role Description

To Visit Construction sites for the following purpose: Advice on selection of correct materials, explain the method of use of materials, elimination and solution of problems resulting from incorrect use of materials.

  1. - Providing guidance on the use of Proper tools in mixing and Installation (application).
  2. - Visits to Contractors and Consultant site offices in need to explain some of the points related to Standards and Specifications with assistance from the Technical Department.
  3. - Regular site visits without prior arrangements in order to take a close look at the method of use, help customers and establish close links with them.
  4. -Mixing and Fixing or applying of some materials on site in order to give and get idea about the method of mixing and use, especially those materials which used for the first time and specialized materials.
  5. -To specify “ISOLA” products in Ministry of Works (C.P.M.D – B.M.D), Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Health, Kuwait Technical office, Consultants & Engineering Bureaus and similar establishments as required.