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Haji Hassan Al-Aali (May he rest in peace) has achieved a high level of success because he had developed the opportunity that was at hand. With patience, faith in God, will and love for his family, he optimized all he had and built an empire greater than anyone could have imagined.

Being the son of a poor farmer, he started from humble beginnings. As he was the eldest son, the need to help his family exceeded the necessity to go to school. Therefore at the age of 9 he began selling vegetables, then added fish to the trade, and eventually Noora (cement made from limestone). His days would start at 5am, and when most youths played or went to school, Haji Hassan would work productively and efficiently moving from one village to another. Every time he saw an opportunity to increase trade and profit more, he grabbed it. Travelling by donkey, his hard work allowed him to support his family necessities. Soon after, business started to expand as he went from 1 donkey to 4 and from working alone to hiring help. At the young age of 25 he was doing very well in his career and always a step forward, had enough money to buy land and set up a shop on Lulu Road. In addition, he traded his donkeys and was able to purchase a truck in order to expand his Noora business.

A trip to Lebanon to purchase a block making machine transformed Haji Hassan’s vision. He met a man named Idrees on the plane that he wanted to employ. Idrees asked for a high salary in which Haji Hassan jokingly suggested that he would be willing to pay the next time he sees Idrees. They said their goodbyes, Haji Hassan went back to Bahrain to set up the new machine he purchased from Lebanon and soon after Idrees appears. As Haji Hassan is a man of his word, he employed the well-educated and well-travelled Idrees. Idrees wasted no time and taught Haji Hassan all he knows about how the world works and they both left on a mission to Europe. From Rome to Milan to Belgium to Sweden, Germany and London, Haji Hassan was overwhelmed by the technology and advanced mechanisms used by European construction companies. Despite people’s pessimistic outlook, Haji Hassan took the risk and purchased a German machine which produced 4,000 blocks in eight hours. Haji Hassan enjoyed around 5 years of a monopoly until competitors entered the market; however they were no threat as he was far ahead of them all and kept growing by the day. Thus began the initial stages and step by step establishment of a grand enterprise known as the HajiHassan Group (HHG).

Due to patience, hard work, faith in God and Islamic values Haji Hassan progressively embarked on a journey to provide the best for his family and help the poor of Bahrain. He built an empire from nothing yet he did not even know the letters of the alphabet, his lack of education to him highlighted its importance which he instilled in his family. Even when Bahrain was at a time where men were favored to receive tertiary education, he encouraged his daughters to further their education and witness firsthand the world abroad equally to his sons. With the encouragement, his family members had the best education they could possibly have and soon joined his enterprises and supported the man who has spent his entire life building an empire in order to provide his family and country the greatest life conceivable. For his country he provided many with education opportunities, scholarships and homes for the poor, he never fails to forget that he was once poor and needy, therefore he felt his obligation to his fellow countrymen and society people.

“My loyalty is to my country and its people, first and foremost. The profit I make is a profit generated from the country and the people.”